Ambria Roman Shades for Smooth Window Treatment

Installing Ambria roman shades to your window will give you a soft and smooth window treatment when they are down. When the shades are pulled up, the horizontal dowels will create equally spaced folds. Since the fabric has a smooth surface, it provides a simple and elegant look instantly to any room. Also, it helps you to easily clean the fabric by vacuuming it lightly. So, it is very beneficial for having this kind of shade in your home. The installation of these shades is also easy. Here are some steps you can easily do to install them to your window.

Ambria Classic Roman Shades With Seats

Since Ambria roman shades can be mounted both inside and outside, you can decide where you want to install it. Either it is in the outside of the window frame, the wall above the window or inside the window frame, the top of the window frame. If you have decided, you can choose two locations for placing each bracket to the ends of the shades head rail. The locations should out of the way of the mechanism within the head rail if you choose an outside mount. Again, choose two locations that are spaced evenly from the ends of the shade, but the same distance from the front window frame for the inside mount. You still have to make sure that the brackets will not interfere the mechanism within the shades’ head rail. Mark the wall or window where you will install the brackets using a pencil and level to make sure that the marks made are at the same height. You can also use a measuring tape so that they can be evenly spaced. Use a power drill and screws to mount the brackets depend on the width of your shade. You need up to 3 brackets for wider shades. Now you can attach the Ambria shade by inserting it to the front edge to the brackets.

Ambria Roman Shades Table With Tile

Since you know how to install Ambria roman shades, now you can complete your window with this elegant window treatment.

Ambria Roman Shades With A Unique Desk

Ambria Roman Shades With A Unique Sculpture Decoration

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